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Camp Wheeler's Next Meeting is on
Tuesday, May 12th, at 7:30pm!

Camp Wheeler's May 2015 Newsletter
is now available online!

If you have not received your copy directly, it is now available here on the Camp web site from the Newsletter section web page.

"Confederate Cemeteries of Covington & Oxford" Book is now available!

“As some camp members know, I have embarked on a mission to better identify the Confederate soldiers buried in the Confederate section of the Covington City Cemetery and the Confederate Soldier Cemetery on the Emory-Oxford College campus at Oxford. I have made much progress but I have a long way to go. We have periodic memorial services honoring those brave soldiers who once fought for the Confederacy but we actually know little about the individual soldier, where they came from, the battles they fought or how they died.” Gene Wade, March 2011

This was a statement made by Camp Wheeler's Genealogist Gene Wade in an article published in the March 2011 issue of this newsletter.  Since then every issue of “Gen. Joe’s Dispatch” has featured from one to three soldiers biographies bringing their stories alive through the hard work and countless hours of research by Compatriot Wade.

We are pleased to announce that Gene’s work is now complete and has been compiled and published in the book “Confederate Cemeteries of Covington and Oxford”.  The Books will be available at our May 12th meeting for a $15.00 donation to the Camp.

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