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Welcome to Our Virtual Encampment!

Major General Joseph Wheeler, Camp #863 is part of the 13th Brigade of the Georgia Divison of Sons of Confederate Veterans. Our camp headquarters is based in the "Olde Towne" district of the city of Conyers Georgia, about 30 miles east of Atlanta at the Philologia Masonic Lodge, 1005 Milstead Avenue, just down the street from the Rockdale County Courthouse Complex. 

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a Historical Honor Society. Our mission is a simple one, to protect and preserve the accurate history of the Confederacy and the legacy of our ancestors that took up the Confederate Cause during the War Between The States. 

We invite you to learn more about us by exploring our virtual encampment here on our official web site. We hope you find what we present here to be infomative, educational, and useful to you. We also ask you to consider becoming a member or a friend of our encampment, or another SCV encampment if another is closer to where you live. Your participation is welcome and most needed! 

Please consider joining us in our cause!

Our Next Monthly Membership Meeting 

Tuesday, May 13th, 2013 - 7:30pm 
Philologia Masonic Lodge
1005 Milstead Avenue,

April is Confederate Heritage Month. To commemorate this, Camp Wheeler holds its annual Open House at our Membership Meeting on April 8th. Compatriots are invited to bring their Relics and Memorabilia to display. In addition, we will be holding a silent auction of donated items to help raise funds for our various projects. If you have something you'd like to donate for the auction, please contact Commander Underwood.

Also, even though we always welcome the general public, we make an extra effort to invite people to attend this annual open house. In the spirit of Southern Hospitality, we ask our compatriots to bring some form of light snack, dessert, finger food, and/or beverages to make our refreshment buffet well supplied!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Camp Major General Joseph Wheeler, Camp 863
Confederate Memorial Day Observation
Oxford Cemetery, Covington Georgia
Noon (12:00pm)

Please join Camp Wheeler in our commemoration of Confederate Memorila  Day that will be held at the Confederate Cemetery at Oxford Cemetery. The ceremony will commence at noon and is expected to be under an hour in length. 

Plans are being worked out, so please stay tuned. 

Our April 2014 Newsletter
is now online!
Please see our Newsletters page for more information!

A few words from the Web Master

By Hal Doby, Web Master, April 2, 2014
Hello Everyone
I hope all are enjoying this great Spring weather! As the cold temps are now behind us, we are now in April and here in Georgia and across the South, most are observing some form of Confederate Heritage remembrance observations. In Georgia, it's a month-long period to look back at not only what our State went through during Secession and the War, but also the sacrifices our ancestors did in their very patriotic efforts to defend Georgia and the Confederate States of America.

Its a time to remind people that The War Between The States was not just about Slavery, but it was also about freedom from the tyranny of an over-bearing Federal Government, unfair taxation, and the protection of State's Rights. Sadly, I like to point out that all the War proved was the North had more resources than the South had available to it. In the end, the South got its ass kicked and none of the contentious issues besides Slavery were ever resolved as we are still contentiously arguing over Federal versus States Rights to this very day!

The real reason the South left the Union was because it felt the Federal Government had become corrupt and was irreversibly broken beyond repair. After the war, the same corruption was still in place and quite frankly because a majority of those in control demanded some form vengence be done to the South for "causing" the War, it actually became more worse. So much so, I honestly feel  that the South (and the United States as a whole) has endured a lot of suffering, including the Civil Rights Movement because of that corrupt mis-management.

Yes, the Slaves were emancipated as a result of the War, but nothing was done by the Federal Government until nearly 100 years years to actually do anything to bring equality to the people. In fact, things got a lot worse over the decades following the war and stayed that way until the 1950s. That's a very important point to make in my opinion.

The sad fact that no one points out is that while so much is made about freeing the Slaves, the concept that the Caucasian race was "the" superior race to all ethnic groups was accepted as fact by most every White person in the United States, both North and South. Blacks, (American) Indians, Asians, Jews, and other ethnic groups with light-colored skin were all considered lesser people. But it was the Blacks that got the brunt of that mindset. White Supremacy is not a unique concept to the South, and that's a another very important point to make.

By all definitions of racist, even the all-mighty President Lincoln was one. He was not the "Great Emancipator" as he is now portrayed and had the war ended peacefully, he was more than willing to allow Slavery to continue FOREVER. It's all there in the words he wrote down in his own letters now kept at his presidential library. It's just not known because people are too damn lazy to take someone else's words as factual truth and don't bother to check out the real facts.

So during this month, please take time to not only discover your Confederate Heritage, but do your part to better educate those in your life to the real facts and reasons for the War.

Don't forget in honor of Confederate Heritage Month, Camp Wheeler's April meeting will be our annual Open House. Compatriots are encouraged to bring their War relics and memorabilia to display during the meeting.

As always, if you have something to share and would like it to be posted on our website, please contact me directly and I'll be more than happy to accomodate you. 
That's all for now, Please enjoy the web site.
Hal Doby, Web Master
SCV Camp 863, Maj.-Gen. Joesph Wheeler